Finally the 2018 UPDATE

We finally got approval from fsfev to hold our beloved tournament at Auryn 2018!
The B7 2018 will be hold from 7th-8th July 2018!
You can register for the tournament from 01.01.2018 via E-Mail. For more information please check our
If you have answers, recommendations or even stuff you want to donate/sponser our tournament with prices, drop us a Mail.
We are looking forward to all of you guys! Have nice holidays!
Fabian & Rainer


Rules update!

With the latest gaming supplement from Games Workshop came out just a few days ago we decided to include that to the B7!
So please be aware of ony changes and in case of upcoming questions do not hesitate to contact us!
See you soon coaches!


Date confirmed!

Hello Folks! The date for 2017 tournament is:
08.07.2017 - 09.07.2017
Registration starts as always at 01.01.2017 by writing an email to
If you want to see the rules for 2017 check out our Rules section!
We are also glad to announce that we can offer as many participating seats as in the last years! Which means not also we are taking up to 70 people to register we also will play six rounds again!
Furthermore the results of this year will appear soon on the webpage, sorry for that delay but we will be able to fix this ASAP.



We are proud to tell you we are part of the famous SBBM 2016! If you want to participate in the Süddeutsche Blood Bowl Meisterschaft, all you have to do is to play at least three tournaments which are part of the SBBM and with at least two different teams. For more information click on the logo and you will be forwarded to their page.
Have fun and see you soon!


B7-Tournament 2016!
Date confirmed!

Hello Folks! The date for 2016 tournament is:
09.07.2016 - 10.7.2016
Registration starts as always at 01.01.2016 by writing an email to
If you want to see the rules for 2016 check out our Rules section!


B7-Tournament is live!
Future updates here!

Bald findet Ihr hier alles Wissenswerte um das B7-Turnier in Böblingen. Bis 2015 haben Frank und Bärbel das Turnier ausgerichtet und einen fantastischen Job dabei gemacht.
Da die beiden nun beschlossen haben das B7 nicht mehr zu leiten sind Wir (Rainer und Fabian) eingesprungen und haben die Leitung ab dem Jahr 2016.
Wir versuchen dem hohem Standard den Frank und Bärbel die letzten Jahre vorgelegt haben gerecht zu werden. Es wird mit Sicherheit ein paar Änderungen geben, von denen wir hoffen dass Sie euch gefallen. Alles weitere wird bald hier bekannt gegeben. Bis der B7 dieses Jahr rum ist wird das die einzige Information sein die wir euch geben können.
Falls Ihr Fragen zum B7 2015 habt besucht bitte Franks Seite:


If you want more information about how to register or the current registration status, click the button.


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