Drive by car

The location will be as always the Auryn in Böblingen. Google Map of Murkenbachweg 120, 71032 Böblingen, Germany The Adress is Murkenbachweg 120 in 71032 Böblingen.

  • On Highway A81, leave exit “Böblingen/Sindelfingen”.
  • In Böblingen you follow directions to “Elbenplatz” and then to city center.
  • At the cinema you turn right.
  • Now you drive into direction of “Schönaich”.
  • At the high building /”Nürtinger Strasse” you turn left between 2 greens.
  • Keep right and then straight ahead.
  • You will notice the “Auryn” signs by then.

By Public Transport

  • If you travel by train, choose as destination “Stuttgart-Böblingen”. In this way the ticket from Stuttgart main station to Böblingen is included. Choose the subway S1 (final destination: Herrenberg).
  • Coming from Airport Stuttgart you can choose S2 (Schorndorf) or S3 (Backnang). You need a ticket for 3 zones and stamp it before you enter the train. 4 stations later you leave the subway in “Rohr” and switch to the S1 (Herrenberg). You just have to go to the other side of the platform.
  • From the train station “Böblingen” you have to go 150 m to the bus station. You can choose the areaway or the traffic light and go to the left side.
  • At the bus station you can choose 2 different routes:
    • SB 723 to the stop “Murkenbachweg” - platform 18
    • SB 760 to the stop “Schönaicher First” - platform 5 and 6
  • Alight at these stations and follow the “Auryn” signs.